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Monday, March 8, 2010

frye lights

Councilmember Donna Frye is taking an interest in greywater: check out her latest Frye Lights newsletter, page 2

California looks to Australia for lessons on water management

Here is a great article for us to understand how far we have yet to go in our efforts to improve our water systems. See some interesting highlights below.

Follow the link to find the whole article article:

"Solorio pointed to Australia's success at reducing per capita water use to 30 to 50 gallons a day, compared with about 180 gallons in California. Much of this savings has come from reducing and banning outdoor watering; capturing rainwater; installing dual plumbing in homes - one line for potable water and one line for recycled water; and mass use of water efficient appliances and dual-flush toilets."

"For years, water agencies in Southern California have developed sophisticated and well-engineered systems to bring water from as far away as Wyoming. The goal was to make residents unaware that the region "had a very serious problem with water," including periodic droughts, Brick said."

"One of the most important, and politically challenging, changes Australia made to deal with its drought was to its government structure." Water is controlled by the FEDERAL Government!